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Mocha Love: Classic

Mocha Love: Classic

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Mocha Love - Classic: Our essential mocha chocolate handmade drop earrings are the perfect accessory for all outfits.

All of our earrings are made from polymer clay, baked to perfection with hypoallergenic surgical steel butterfly backings.

Size: Top circle 1.3cm. Bottom circle 3cm. Top to bottom 4.5cm.


It’s important to note as our earrings are handmade, our patterns and colours may vary slightly as to what is pictured. No two earrings are identical making them all unique and even more special.

Due to hygiene we can’t accept returns.


Care Instructions: It’s important to look after these beauties as they are fragile, so we recommend the following:

  • Makeup, perfume and oils may weaken your earrings so we recommend gently cleaning your earrings with a baby wipe or makeup wipe followed by drying with a cloth. 
  • Please don’t keep your earrings in your purse / wallet or anywhere they could be squished as they might break or the earring posts might bend. 
  • Please don’t wear your earrings in water or whilst sleeping as this may weaken the glue or damage your earrings.

Most importantly, we hope you feel absolutely fabulous wearing them!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at

All our love, Sundae co.