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About us

Welcome to Sundae co, a small business hand making beautiful clay earrings, bringing endless love into your home and making the perfect gifts for your family and friends.

Whether you’re looking for a gift, a new set of earrings for an outfit or just something to treat yourself, we have what you need.

Sundae co is bursting with love, ready to accessorise outfits all around Australia.

A bit about the owner: Natalie Polizzi:

I have always being drawn to art and its’ beauty. I studied art throughout my school years followed by a Bachelor of Creative Arts in photography where I ran a successful photography business whilst working full time.

After 7 years in photography I decided it was time for my next adventure. I fell in love with clay earrings. I love the simplicity, uniqueness but most of all how much love and happiness they brought me.

From this point, I thought it was time to share this love and happiness, which is where Sundae co started.

To me, earrings can transform someones day, they are the perfect accessory to any outfit and a perfect gift to give a loved one and make them feel special.